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Jane Tenecota

Janeli Tenecota is a senior at Union County Magnet High School. She is a part of the Technology Student Association (TSA) of her district, placing 4th in the state with her team for the cybersecurity competition. From there, her curiosity followed into the AI field, participating in Carnegie Mellon's AI Scholars Pathways, enhancing her knowledge and skills in machine learning, neural networks, and image recognition through a group research project on diseased coral classification. Her foundation in programming has also led her to hold the role of website webmaster for the benefit corporation, Dumpling Diplomacy. Besides STEM, she is an avid runner and is a member of the Central Jersey Road Runners Club, and has a passion for cooking where she weekly volunteers as a head cook at Toni's Soup Kitchen. Currently, she's working on applications of AI to be used in her community to fight food insecurity and food waste.

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