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Isha Bhatia

Isha Bhatia is a junior in the Math & Science Magnet Research Program at Morris Hills High School. To pursue her interest in STEM, she has been conducting research in rehabilitation methods for patients with traumatic brain injury at Stevens Institute of Technology. Using her learnings, she is creating a virtual reality game that employs constraint induced movement therapy principles to increase patients’ ability to carry out daily activities. Additionally, she is a student in the Columbia Science Honors Program and is part of a youth team at Rutgers University that uses technology to investigate the effects of social media on mental health. She employs these findings to launch mental health initiatives within her community. Also, she is part of the Red Cross New Jersey Youth Council as the Blood/Biomed Committee Lead. Outside of STEM, she competes in FBLA and tutors underrepresented middle school students to improve their performance in school. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in research and technology.

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