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Delmond Wyllis

Delmond Wyllis’s journey began in the tropical island of Dominica, a place that would foster his imagination and urge to explore what this world has to offer. While a beautiful place, Dominica lies in the hurricane path, making almost every Atlantic hurricane season a terrifying experience. Regardless of the disruptions caused by tropical storms and hurricanes in his youth, he still clung to the passion he had developed for computers, both hardware and software. In 2017 with the loving help of his father and cousin, Delmond was able to leave Dominica to live in New Jersey. This was the same year that Hurricane Maria left his island in ruins, disconnecting him from him family and endangering the lives of all his loved ones. Regardless of the grievances, Delmond continued to work tirelessly towards his degree, growing as an individual during the journey. As a student at Rowan College at Burlington County, he has worked closely with student life and eventually became a representative for the student body as the Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association. This along with executive officer positions in 2 honor societies and involvement in several institutional committees defined his first three years of tertiary education. At this point, Delmond has graduated from RCBC with associate degrees in both Cyber-security and Computer Science, and he is currently working towards his first Bachelor at Rowan University.

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