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Cindy Hussein

Cindy Hussein is a senior at Rutgers University-Newark. She is a dual major in Neuroscience and Behavior and Philosophy, with a minor in Psychology while overcoming personal challenges such as ADHD and autism, and chronic pain following a car accident. As Co-President of RU-N's Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Club, she strives to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment. Aside from being an Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Scholar and CCPM community college student mentor, she is a proud member of several honor societies. She is currently working as Research Assistant at the Cole Neurocognition Lab where she contributes significantly to scientific exploration in the areas such of computational neuroscience, neurotechnologies, neuroethics, and rehabilitation. Among her affiliations are the International Neuroethics Society and NeuroTechX. Cindy, an Amideast's Qisasna alumna, worked as US Outreach Manager and Auxiliary Audio Engineer for Synergy Squad American and Yemeni perspectives was highlighted in a recent podcast episode available on platforms like Spotify and Apple. Beyond academics, Cindy seeks solace in electronic music, digital arts, photography, and crafts, striking a balance between STEM and humanities. She aspires to embody the roles of entrepreneurial inventor, neuroethicist, lecturer, philanthropist, and a highly sought-after consultant, all within the expansive domain of neurotechnologies, neuroethics, and rehabilitation.

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