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Ashley Kim

Ashley Kim is a senior at Moorestown High School. She has conducted research exploring the relationship between academic performance and exercise. Ashley’s work has earned her 1st place at the Coriell Science Fair and invitations to international conferences. She won 3rd place in an international research paper competition and is set to publish. Her passion for cancer research is channeled through her contributions to an immunology lab at Vanderbilt, where she focuses on Leukemia. She participated in many neuroscience programs while founding Project Smiles, an initiative that creates personalized memory books for dementia patients. Beyond research, she serves as a legislative ambassador for the American Cancer Society, volunteers at her local hospital, and pursues her EMT certification. At school, Ashley assumes leadership roles as president of Interact Club & Spanish Club. She is the varsity captain of the golf team and enjoys writing for a STEM newsletter. Ashley’s interests extend to photography, and her black belt in Kumdo underscores her dedication to martial arts. Looking ahead, Ashley aspires to champion healthcare equity while continuing to follow her passions in STEM.

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