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Ally MacMullin

Alexandra MacMullin is a junior at Pope John XXIII High School in Sparta. She has competed with her school's FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team and has earned two varsity letters. She is a member of both the Math National Honors Society and the French National Honors Society. Alexandra has also been a member of STEM Girls, where she helped prepare presentations on different mechanisms within FTC Robotics. Alexandra is an avid advocate for merit-based educational initiatives, working towards this vision by developing a comprehensive plan with the intent of creating more opportunities for motivated and high-achieving students. She has presented her plan to the President of her high school academy and is currently working to establish the beginning stages of these initiatives. She also has a passion for tutoring, especially in mathematics, which she does frequently. During her summers, Alexandra enjoys volunteering at her local county food pantry. In addition to these accomplishments, she likes to crochet, the products of which she donates to nursing homes. Above all, she has a penchant for reading, which she believes is instrumental for personal and professional growth.

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