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Allison Ore

Allison Ore is a senior in the Academy for Medical Science Technology at the Bergen County Academies. As an advocate for accessible, quality healthcare, she aspires to use her compassion and resilience to become an orthopedic surgeon. Allison was selected as one of the most promising teens of the future from over 50,000 applicants around the globe to learn from dignitaries in their respective fields honoring establishments such as UChicago Booth, MIT, and Khan Academy. During the pandemic, she founded SurgeryTalk, providing a platform for patients and providers’ voices to be heard, garnering millions of interactions across the platform. Allison strives to be a beacon of hope and voice to those in need, giving back to her home state of New Jersey as a future practicing physician, avid service lover, and young changemaker. Allison has secured positions in top medical practices, graduate-level research, and surgical training. Her favorite experiences have been in the operating room and clinics along with renowned surgeons and specialists. While competing at one of the top high schools in her country, Allison has been internationally recognized for her dedication to healthcare service through the Barbara James 2022 Gold Award.

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