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Aaron Yengbie

Aaron Yengbie, a first-generation college student, hails from Monrovia, Liberia, a country shattered by fifteen years of civil unrest. In spite of the many scares schlep by antebellum Liberia that are ramified through poverty and a scant literacy rate, Aaron managed to overcome the status quo by his love for education. He graduated with the second highest honor from the Shirley Kolmer Memorial Catholics School. Upon graduation from High School, he established the Liberians United for Change and Empowerment, a local education foundation geared towards shinning the light of literacy on young Liberians with little or no opportunity of attaining an education by single-handedly investing his savings and allowances in the works of his foundation. He was selected as Country Representative, Liberia in 2018 of the Glocal International Teens Conference based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Aaron arrived in the United States at the age of 18, and he is now a sophomore at Mercer County Community College studying Biology with an emphasis in Chemistry. As a freshman, he delivered a 4.00 GPA that secured him memberships in the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and the Mercer Honors program, an engaged and motivated community of scholars. Aaron worked as a mentor for the Mercer County Dreams Program where he mentored students with mental and physical disabilities. He also works as a work study student in the Mercer County Community College Biology Lab with Prof. Patrick Natale. Aaron is the youngest ordained Minister of the Gospel in the Faith Chapel International Church. His goal is to pursue a career as a Medical Doctor. He also plans to increase the presence of STEM in Liberia and many other underdeveloped countries as a global approach to development, the conservation of our planet, and literacy empowerment. 

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