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Do I belong? The Impact of Imposter Syndrome on First-Generation Minority Students

Kamila Esquivel and Nicolle Vilca, 2022 Governor's STEM Scholars

Read the article in the Jersey City University's Gothic Times here.

For most, getting accepted into a prestigious university is cause for celebration, but excitement can quickly turn into feelings of dread as thoughts of inadequacy creep in. As a person of color, these feelings can be due to imposter syndrome, where high-achieving individuals are unable to accept and internalize their success but rather attribute it to outside forces such as luck or receiving help from others.

Studies show that minority students and first-generation college students are especially inclined to develop imposter syndrome; as are those within STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). As first-generation, Latina STEM students, we constantly fight to overcome these feelings to reach our full potential.