R&D Council of NJ

Founded in 1962, the Research & Development Council of New Jersey is the state’s oldest and most diverse research advocacy organization.

Over the last fifty-four years, the Council accomplished things like ensuring the passage of the R&D Tax Credit, promoting excellence in STEM education, identifying the need for and funding a world-class science center in New Jersey, and steadily bringing attention to the incredible R&D work being done in the state through the Edison Patent Awards program. The Council works as a hub for research and development in the state and uses our unique status to bring together industry, academia, and government in an effort to speak with one voice. The Council’s Board consists of leaders in research and development, a group whose focus is on advocating for a robust research community in the state and advancing STEM education.

The Council brings attention to the R&D work done in the state with the Edison Patent Awards. Held annually, the “Eddies” bring together nearly 200 people at the Liberty Science Center to celebrate great inventions, exceptional inventors, and incredible leaders in research and development and STEM.

Long-time supports of STEM education, the Council has operated a scholarship program for the past decade, the Merit Scholars, for community college students excelling in a STEM-related major. In addition to providing these scholars with funding, the Council also hosts a R&D Day at one of its members’ R&D facilities where students receive professional guidance about pursuing a successful R&D career, higher education academic and financial counseling, and a tour of the research facility. Also, the Council is involved in New Jersey’s role in the development and adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards, new K-12 science education standards, and participates in the conversation on STEM education on a national level.

Recognizing the need to introduce both students and STEM professionals to one another to create mentoring relationships that encourage the growth and development of New Jersey’s STEM economy, the R&D Council, in partnership with the Governor’s Office, New Jersey Department of Education, and Secretary of Higher Education, established the Governor’s STEM Scholars Program. The program is overseen by the Council, with advice from its partners listed above. To learn more about the Council, please visit www.rdnj.org.